Journalists, for a digital era

Tangoo manages a network of Instagram influencers for a tasting program unlike any other. Whether you’ve just opened up, launched a new menu, renovated, or simply looking for fresh faces to walk through the door, our community can spread the word. With local followings and a curiosity for new discoveries, influencers are a powerful ally. Call it word of mouth, but better.


Restaurant Tastings – An Introduction

You can try your best to educate and delight every single guest day by day, but building an intimate relationship with visitors is just impossible at volume. Traditional advertising is fading – people want something more genuine.

With consultation from our restaurant partners, we’ve designed a program to delight your biggest advocates – influencers. Intimate, exclusive, and informative, our tastings bring influencers to your table. Host a group, however large or small – you’re in control.

Here’s a snapshot of our community:

Ready to get started? We’ll walk you through the process.

1. Complete a form to share your goals with the tasting (link below)
2. We’ll select the influencers – you give the final seal of approval.
3. Your tasting is booked at a time of your choice.
4. Influencers enjoy the tasting. For best results, the owner or chef joins in to share their story.
5. Posts go up – you receive a slick report on the data.
6. You receive exposure to thousands of people online. Brilliant!The frequency of these tastings is negotiable. Contact us for a quote, or book yours now!

Interested in Joining Our Community?
Want to influence the food and social scene in Vancouver? Break bread with us, and other foodies and socialites to ignite new offline relationships while you collaboratively taste and promote the newest events and restaurant menus in town.  Launched in February of 2016, this program is designed to support restaurants and the passionate business community behind them. If you love food, meeting new people and posting your experiences on Instagram, we want you.

Why Tastemakers are Applying:

#1: We feed you content… literally. Be the first to discover and share new content about the newest restaurants, menus and promotions while you taste it free of charge.

#2: Build authority & unlock new experiences: The more tastings you experience, the more you get from them. Build your Tangoo Influencer Score to access the most desired launches and experiences.

#3: Contractor Opportunities: Based off authority and experience, we contract influencers for creative services.

Street Cred Criteria

• Must have an Instagram with 1K+ followers

• Must have an engaged and growing following

• Must have a passion for sharing food and drinks on social media (mainly Instagram) or personal blog

• Must be eager to support small business and local restaurateurs

• Must be a team player wanting to meet and grow with our influencer community 

Sound good? Click below to sign up.