Our Work
Here’s a snapshot of our work, from social media to tastings. Whether it’s a new business looking for new photos or a tried and true restaurant looking to attract new guests, we cater to all needs.
Central City Brewing
Art Gallery Cafe
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 Why Us?

Your customers want to get to know you before they walk through the door. Being in the restaurant industry, you probably have a big personality, and we can make it shine through social media. Through us, you are in full control of your online reputation while your focus can stay with your restaurant – your hands never leave the wheel.


How We Work

When we build up your digital presence, there’s a magic to the madness. We begin by getting to know your story, your vision and goals, before we build the strategy. By understanding who you are, your menu, and the people that make it all come together, we can create breathtaking images and alluring descriptions. For the best collaborations, we become a part of your family, sharing your stories and standing by your side through thick and thin.




Derek Juno

Business Development VP, Mealshare

“Our restaurant partners really appreciated Tangoo’s tasting services. They were exposed to a new and engaging audience that learned all about our partnership. We loved having Sonya organize tastings. She is so personable and does a great job pairing local influencers to complimenting brands.”



West End BIA

Stephen Irving

Communications Lead, West End BIA

“With over 40% of businesses in the West End BIA belonging to the food and beverage sector, finding innovative ways to promote these businesses is important to us. Tangoo’s influencer tastings are an awesome way to help restaurants promote themselves to an online audience. In addition to being an amazing opportunity to develop a lot of shareable online content in a short period of time, Tangoo’s community of influencers know their stuff and can help get the word out.” 




Dustan Sept

Marketing Manager, Central City

“We brought in Tangoo because we needed professionals to build our social media accounts. Our internal staff did not have the time or expertise to build the brand presence we needed to impact our business – with Tangoo, this changed. In a short three months, our following grew by 507%, 358% and 304% on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter respectively – our customer engagement tripled instantly. With the help of Tangoo’s premium social media services, we could start to trace online engagement to offline sales, to measure conversion.”